Tailings Dam Raise

Project Timing:  05/2018 – 03/2019

Project Value:  $15,500,000

Client details:  BHP (Coal Projects)


Wall raise of the existing embankments including installation of a sand filter and working platform.
Construction of an inspection track on the toe and access ramps for the Southern and Western embankments.
Construction of an embankment and inspection track on the Northern Embankment.
Raise of the existing spillway.
Reshaping of the existing eastern stockpile and construction of the new eastern embankment.
Supply, installation and commissioning of new tailings pipelines, including new flow meters, deposition spigots and road and embankment crossings.
Supply, installation and commissioning of a new online dam embankment integrity monitoring system – Vibrating Wire Piezometers including data loggers and base station.
Installation of movement monitoring points and survey monuments.
Supply, installation and commissioning of new flow meters at the TSF on the tailings pipeline.