Water Dam – Dividing Embankment

Project Timing:  10/2016 – 01/2017

Project Value:  $1,200,000

Client details:  BHP (Goonyella Riverside – Engineering)



Construction of a 2km dividing embankment to an existing dam, including a spillway. Installation of 4km of HDPE pipeline.


Clearing and grubbing works and topsoil strip of works area and borrow locations.
Embankment foundation stripping and key trench excavation.
Placement and compaction of fill to a new trapezoidal
homogenous earth fill embankment running north south through the existing Kakadu Dam.
Moisture conditioning, placement and compaction of an earth fill shoulder embankment edge of an existing road embankment.
Construction of a new rock lined spillway from the mine affected water (eastern) side of the dam.